Training Chihuahua

Welcome to Training Chihuahua, the website dedicated to Chihuahua dogs.
I decided to build this website because I found it difficult to find the information I required “under one roof”.

One of the things that always makes me giggle are the various spelling attempts of Chihuahua for example;
The ever so famous, Chiwawa
“the little mexican dog” (almost passed out from laughing so hard on that one- LOL!!!!!!!!!)
There are probably hundreds of other variations!!!

As Chihuahua owners we all have our share of problems when it comes to training our little Chihuahuas.
Problems like barking,whining,peeing,itching,chewing,house training and the list goes on and on. So if you own a Chihuahua the chances are that you will come across a training problem sooner or later, so take a look at some of the Chihuahua common issues and solutions. ( Click on link to read full article)

Chihuahua Barking

Among the breed’s numerous behavioral problems, Chihuahua barking can be the most wearisome. Many of the breed are seemingly in a constant state of yapping and growling at strangers, other animals and almost anything else that moves. Their natural tendency to be stubborn, jealous and territorial can make this a particularly serious problem……… more about Chihuahua Barking

Chihuahua Biting

Chihuahuas are among the most loyal, playful and curious of the breeds, but Chihuahua biting is a real concern that must be addressed early and properly. Prospective Chihuahua owners should be well aware of the possible…….read more about Chihuahua Biting

Chihuahua Chewing

Coming home from a long day of work, there are few more distressing sights than the destruction created by a Chihuahua chewing on every piece of furniture, toy, rug, shoe, or piece of electronics it can sink its teeth into. Chihuahuas are a sensitive breed…… more about Chihuahua Chewing

Potty Train Chihuahuas

With all the talk about how much trouble it is, one might think that no one manages to potty train Chihuahuas. Despite certain characteristics that make the process difficult, such as their small bladders and stubbornness, it is entirely possible with the correct methods…………read more about Potty train Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Peeing

Well it is only natural a dog wanting to mark its territory, but it is natural too for this to get on your wick pretty quickly, especially when your favorite carpet is getting the worst of your Chihuahua peeing urges……read more about Chihuahua Peeing

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