Aggressive Chihuahua

Get your hands on a Chihuahua and you have a lifelong friend, get your hands on an aggressive Chihuahua as is the case with many and you will have a ticking time bomb on your hands for this period.

For aggression is in their blood, ruthlessly defending their masters at every juncture in spite of their diminutive size. What is an owner to do, well they could choose to get used to it, pay a visit to the local RSPCA if it all gets too much or choose a careful course of action which means steady scolding for aggressive Chihuahua activities. The latter is the best option, despite its apparently intelligent nature it is still a dog, an animal that can be trained.

Despite its apparent unwillingness to learn it will see the errors of its ways, and become a pet of choice for families if a careful and steady approach is made to improvement on this front. Withholding treats on occasions of persistent barking is a useful tool, a useful and necessary tool. Necessary because this heavy boned and muscular little animal packs a punch and even its little teeth are capable of piercing skin should the aggressive Chihuahua see it fit to bite a perceived offender.

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Forgive them for they know not what they do will not be an adequate excuse when animal control or a court visit request comes a knocking. At just three or four pounds the abilities of an aggressive Chihuahua to bite and hurt cannot be underestimated. Perhaps however in the case of the pet being housed by an elderly couple who desire the safety that comes from keeping an aggressive Chihuahua, one who likes to bark at every potential threat. In that scenario it is best to maintain the dog as it is, the aggressive Chihuahua does after all only require a very limited amount of sustenance and it is a cheaper method  of safe guarding a home than maintaining a much larger animal whose bark is as good as their bite.

Keep your aggressive Chihuahua away from children, there is no difference between a child and  a knife wielding attacker for an aggressive Chihuahua. It is a wonder that the ancient Aztecs adopted these little guys as special and holy critters, it seems that they must have had a higher tolerance for the yelping. Great burglar alarms but at the expense of repeating ourselves we say that these are not the best choice of family pet.

Yes they are small and for pint sized little trouble makers they are invariably cute but they are a terror to those who like their sleep. An aggressive Chihuahua is certain to bring discontent from neighbors, sure to cause unholy nights of sleeplessness but on the counterbalance they are rather easily maintained.

As with all important decisions that need to be made in life there are pros and cons to every decision. If you like the look of these dogs and think that they could make your life that bit richer then by all means go ahead but don’t expect to remain as friends with your neighbors for long.

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