Chihuahua Biting

Chihuahuas are among the most loyal, playful and curious of the breeds, but Chihuahua biting is a real concern that must be addressed early and properly. Prospective Chihuahua owners should be well aware of the possible ramifications of owning a dog that bites, particularly if they are also the parents of young children. Although the breed frequently makes loyal and friendly pets, they are one of the most difficult breeds for this and other reasons, requiring thoughtful consideration before making a purchase.

Chihuahuas and Children

Chihuahuas are not suited for households with young children for a variety of reasons. They do not enjoy being manhandled and are sensitive to loud noises and activity. Excessive stimulation may result in the Chihuahua biting a child. This could potentially cause injury, result in an escalation in which the child

hurts the Chihuahua or at least leave both the child and Chihuahua shaken. Young children are also not particularly apt at being firm and consistent with animals. This can lead to a situation in which the Chihuahua feels itself superior to the child in the social hierarchy.

Preventing Chihuahua Biting

With that said, Chihuahua biting can oftentimes be prevented if the correct actions are taken. As with most other problems, a strong foundation of socialization and obedience training will be immeasurably helpful when trying to correct Chihuahua biting.

 It is important that all dogs, particularly Chihuahuas, be exposed to a wide variety of people and animals at an early age. This will allow them to be more comfortable when later confronted with a strange creature and reduce the likelihood that the dog will resort to aggressive behavior.

There is a strong correlation between a dog’s mental well being and its tendency to bite. Happy Chihuahuas are far less likely to lash out than ones in stressful, boring, or frightening situations. Many negative behaviors can be prevented if the owners make sure that the dog is getting everything that it needs.

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Stopping Chihuahua Biting

If a Chihuahua snaps with any frequency, steps should immediately be taken to correct the problem before it turns into a more serious issue. A dog that is biting is one that is not properly conforming to the social structure that the owner should have in place, and with time, small snaps could turn into serious aggression when the owner tries to assert him or herself. Of course this behavior is not as dangerous as it would be in other larger breeds, but it is nonetheless important to understand the gravity of even seemingly mild cases of Chihuahua biting.

The first step in stopping aggressive behavior is to identify its cause. Most cases of biting have some basis in a dog’s situation. Chihuahuas are an extremely sensitive breed and being manhandled by young children, exposed to loud noises, uncomfortable weather or other aggressive animals will seriously affect their disposition. The owner must take steps to identify what may be causing their animal stress and try to improve the situation first. Oftentimes no further action is required.

When the Chihuahua does bite, it is important to act swiftly and firmly. The owner should reprimand it in a calm but serious voice and immediately leave. Escalating the level of aggression should be avoided at all costs. It is important to let the dog know that it has stepped out of its place and that the owner is still the boss.

If biting has become a problem with your Chihuahua, don’t give up hope, it does not necessarily mean that it is a bad dog. It only means that it needs help to reach its full potential.

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