Chihuahua House Training

Chihuahua house training is a notoriously difficult undertaking, with many believing that it is downright impossible in some cases. This is a simple falsehood. Chihuahuas may have certain behavioral tendencies that make house training more trying but they, like all dogs, can be taught with the proper techniques and patience.

Start Chihuahua House training Early

This is even more important in Chihuahuas than with most breeds. Just as with human children, a dog’s mind is most impressionable at a young age and any training that you attempt to impart on it will be much more taking if it is given early. Chihuahuas are oftentimes headstrong and resistant to training as they grow, but if they are trained from an early age, these tendencies will be significantly reduced.

A Chihuahua adopted as a puppy should begin its house training almost immediately. It is extremely important that puppies be taken out frequently and consistently throughout the day so that there is less chance that they will have an accident inside. A three month old puppy should be able to contain itself for a maximum of three hours, so the owner must take their dog out at least every three hours. It cannot be stressed enough that more time outside is always better, particularly with puppies, who have a weak bladders and are less able to control themselves.

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Be Consistent and Don’t Give Up 

Chihuahua house training is not going to be an easy task, particularly if the dog is older and set in its ways. It is important to always praise the animal when it goes potty outdoors and reprimand it when it goes indoors. This should provide a clear indication to the dog of what is the appropriate place to relieve itself. Do not make reprimands too harsh, though, as the can sometimes scare and confuse the dog further. A firm, calm voice should be enough to indicate your meaning.

Something frequently overlooked by owners in the process of Chihuahua house training is the importance of paying close attention to the signs a dog gives when it needs to relieve itself. In the later stages, once it has gotten the idea that going outside is better than going inside; a dog will begin indicating that it wants to go outside when it has the urge. This might take an overt for such as barking and standing next to the door or it may be as subtle as simply looking outside. Over time, the owner will get to know their dogs cues and can let the dogs out when its time.

Certain products are also available to aid in Chihuahua house training, such as scented mats, sprays and the like. These may help in certain circumstances but they are no substitute for traditional training methods. If you have tried all of these methods and are your Chihuahua has still made no progress, these items may be tried but most have been shown to have only modest effectiveness and are oftentimes more gimmick than anything else.

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