Chihuahua Housebreaking

Of all the problems that a new owner faces, Chihuahua housebreaking is probably the most frequently cited as being a great cause of stress. No matter what any trainers or dog gurus tell you, there is no getting around the simple fact that Chihuahuas are downright difficult to house train. The problem has many causes: the dogs are notoriously self-important and resistant to training, they have small bladders, and their sensitivity usually makes them unwilling to go outside if it is cold or wet.

With all of this said, it might seem like Chihuahua housebreaking is an impossible feat. However, this is not entirely true. Yes, it will be difficult. Many will give up, but some will have what it takes to make it to the finish line. The dedicated housebreaker will not rely on gimmicks to achieve his or her goal. There are no shortcuts. Scented mats and sprays might help but they won’t take the place of good old fashioned dog training.

Puppies Make the Best Students

Your Chihuahua might turn into a headstrong little devil when it grows up, but youth is the great equalizer in the dog world. A puppy is an eager learner no matter what breed it is and getting started early with Chihuahua housebreaking actually has a dual benefit, as the sooner you begin the process the less time your puppy will spend defecating on the new carpet in that remodeled living room.

Puppies have small bladders, and Chihuahua puppies have smaller bladders than most. It is essential when house training a Chihuahua to take it out often. For dogs less than six months old, once every hour or two is a fairly good guideline, but really there is no upper limit on the amount. More time outside means fewer mistakes inside and that means less to clean up and a quicker road to a housebroken puppy. Accidents confuse a young dog as much as they frustrate owners.

The most important thing to remember with Chihuahua housebreaking is that they will make mistakes. No matter how good of a dog they are or how vigilant you are, it happens. The key is to stay calm and deal with any problems in a sensible and cool headed manner. A firm reprimand immediately after a mistake does twice what any uncontrolled screaming fit will.

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… But Old Dogs Can Still Learn New Tricks

For those unlucky enough to have a Chihuahua past its formative years and still not housebroken, all hope is not lost. It will likely take longer and, depending on the dog’s age and personality, may never be as effective as with a puppy, but older dogs can be and are successfully housebroken.

A strong foundation of obedience training will always help a dog in learning any command or rule. Unfortunately Chihuahuas often seem to believe that they are superior to their owners, making obedience somewhat difficult to obtain. Chihuahuas, perhaps more than other dogs, must be put into their place. Clear lines of distinction must be made between what humans can do and what dogs may do. Only then will Chihuahua housebreaking be an attainable goal.

With enough consistence and patience anyone can attain a Housebroken Chihuahua.

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