Chihuahua Personality

Of all the things that can be said about Chihuahua personality, that they lack character is certainly not one. Among the most expressive and enthusiastic of the breeds, Chihuahuas are famously spunky, curious and headstrong: traits that are both loveable and demanding. Prospective owners should be aware of all the ramifications of owning a Chihuahua, both good and bad, before deciding whether or not to buy one.

Family History

When buying from a breeder, it is best to learn the family history of the puppy. This can give considerable insight into Chihuahua personality. More so than with other breeds, Chihuahuas have strongly inheritable behavioral traits. An offspring with an anti-social mother and father is extremely likely to be anti-social. Many of the best breeders will allow clients to at least meat the bitch of the puppy. Interacting with her can often give more information as to the puppy’s future behavior than playing with the puppy himself.

Behavior Common to the Breed

Although, as with all breeds, there is not necessarily evidence of a breed’s generally tendencies in each individual member, there are certain characteristics of the Chihuahua personality that are more common than others.

The breed is known for its fierce loyalty. A strong attachment frequently forms between the dog and master, usually resulting in faithful companionship and devotion. Occasionally this attachment can become problematic. In some cases, Chihuahuas have been known to become jealous of people with whom their master interacts. This jealousy is sometimes the cause of aggression or other anti-social behavior.

Chihuahuas are also known for their tendency to be headstrong. This is among the most troubling aspects of Chihuahua personality, as it has the potential to create a disobedient and aggressive dog if not properly controlled. It is crucial that the dogs be subject to obedience training, preferably from an early age. This will curb their stubbornness and make them more apt to listen to the commands of their master.

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Distinct sensitivity is exceedingly common in Chihuahuas and can also be the potential cause of problems, particularly in certain circumstances. Many members of the breed dislike loud noises and handling, which makes them poorly suited to households with children. Most kids love to play rough with animals, hold them and dress them up. This is unacceptable for many Chihuahuas. Depending on their disposition they may react by hiding, growling, or even biting the child. Obviously this is a serious issue and careful consideration should be had before bringing a Chihuahua into a home with children.

Making the Most of Chihuahua Personality

Chihuahuas are extremely well suited to certain situations. Their small size makes them perfect for apartment living. People who live alone or in small households will find their extreme devotion charming, rather than trying. Most people love a Chihuahua’s curious and active nature and these characteristics are wonderful for someone who loves to bring their dog everywhere or play with their dog often. Chihuahua personality can be rich and rewarding for those that do what is necessary to fully enjoy it.

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