Chihuahua Toy

Although there are numerous options available when selecting a Chihuahua toy, it is important to choose something that is well suited to your dog’s taste and personality. Chihuahuas are a very particular breed that like to be pampered, so the owner would be wise to consider the options carefully.

Is The Toy the Right Size? 

It is sometimes difficult to find a toy properly sized for the breed’s petite proportions. Even the simple tennis ball is just a little oversized for a Chihuahua’s mouth, and though they will frequently attempt to play with toys much to large for them, there are more comfortable options available. As a replacement for a tennis ball, a small (but not so small that the dog might choke on it) bouncing rubber ball can be used as a Chihuahua toy. Many of the major dog toy manufacturers also provide smaller versions of their popular products.


Does it Stimulate The Mind?

Choosing a toy that will fully engage the animal is an important part in choosing a Chihuahua toy. Many behavioral issues stem from boredom or a lack of diversion from a dog and having the right toys can go a long way in correcting that.

Chihuahuas are naturally curious and playful animals, so they will most likely enjoy something that challenges their mind and forces them into an activity. Kong toys are popular right now and for good reason. For those that do not already know, the toy consists of a rubber oblong shape with a small cavity inside in which a treat can be placed. The dog must shake and manipulate the apparatus until it can get the prize. This kind of Chihuahua toy will provide much more stimulation than a simple doll.

Taking this concept even farther are balls that require the dog to roll it in such a way that the treats fall out the center from specially shaped holes. This makes a perfect Chihuahua toy as it will challenge their minds and can keep them occupied for long periods of time.

Still, simple toys like balls and ropes can provide hours of entertainment for a dog, particularly if they are playing with a companion. Chihuahuas usually love to play catch and are fierce tug of war players. These games help the naturally sensitive dog relieve stress in a positive way.

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Does Your Dog like it? 

Of course none of this matters if the dog simply doesn’t like the toy, as is often the case with choosy Chihuahuas. Finding the right toy is really more art than science. Some Chihuahuas love squeaking toys while others can’t stand the sound of them. With dogs, as with people, it takes time to learn the particular likes and dislikes that make your dog unique. If you’re still having a hard time finding the right toy, many owners like to buy small Chihuahua dolls for their dogs to play with. Although it has not been proven that Chihuahuas prefer these toys over others, the breed is known for their strong affection for members of their own and there are few things cuter than seeing your Chihuahua playing with a smaller version of itself.

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